A Question of Loyalty

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A Question of Loyalty

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A Question of Loyalty Product Description:

A Question of Loyalty celebrates the “no retreat” Japanese Americans who fought the war on two fronts—from the heroics of the famed 100th Battalion on the battlefields of Italy to the bitter struggle against dishonor and humiliation at home. In this blockbuster sequel to his best-selling novel Picture Bride, Mike Malaghan continues the story of Haru Takayama, the proud Japanese immigrant who makes Hawaii her home and raises her children as loyal Americans. But Haru’s world changes forever when Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, her husband is arrested and a son is discharged from his ROTC unit simply for wearing the face of the enemy, and two other children find themselves trapped in Japan.

Mike Malaghan turned his passion for history into writing, following a decades-long career as a businessman in Asia. He and his wife, Tomoko, live in Hawaii.

Page Count 416 pages
9" x 6"
Author Scott Kikkawa
Publish Date
November 2019

Legacy Isle Publishing
Printed in USA


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