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Pidgin Grammar

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Pidgin Grammar Product Description:

Pidgin Grammar: An Introduction to the Creole Language of Hawaiÿi is an interesting and accessible reference for anyone wanting to know more about this unique language of the Hawaiian Islands. This is the first book devoted entirely to a serious description of Pidgin origins and grammar, and the first work on Pidgin grammar that does not require knowledge of linguistics.

Many people today view Pidgin as "broken" or incorrect English. Authors Kent Sakoda, native speaker of Pidgin and instructor in the Department of Second Language Studies at UH-Mânoa, and Jeff Siegel, Director of the Charlene Sato Center for Pidgin, Creole and Dialect Studies at UH, explain that Pidgin is a distinct language with its own vocabulary and grammatical patterns. They begin with an account of the origins of Pidgin on the sugar cane plantations of Hawaiÿi, showing how it has been influenced by Hawaiian, Portuguese, Cantonese, Japanese, and other languages. They further explain that Pidgin is technically a creole language, similar to creoles in other parts of the world, such as the Caribbean. Using examples from local Pidgin literature, Sakoda and Siegel illustrate the pronunciation and writing system of Pidgin and its word classes, phrases, and sentences. The book also includes a short list of Pidgin words sure to be familiar to island residents.

Sub Title An Introduction to the Creole Language of Hawaii
Publisher Bess Press
Publish Date 3-Jul
Author Kent Sakoda and Jeff Siegel
ISBN 10 1573061697

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