Mana Cards -The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom (Japanese Edition)

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Mana Cards -The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom (Japanese Edition)

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Mana Cards -The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom (Japanese Edition) Product Description:

Mana Cards: The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom is a tool for improving communication and gaining perspective that is composed of 194 pages of Hawaiian teachings, interpretations, and chants that deliver insights into the rich symbols and stories of the Islands. The book serves as a detailed guide to the 44 beautifully illustrated cards which are intended to awaken the user’s understanding of mana, the creative spiritual force that flows through the universe. Both items are ideally packaged in a gift box that makes transporting them easy. Beautifully illustrated Mana Cards take the reader on a journey through Hawaiian symbols, images, and wisdom to a place where anyone, anywhere, and on any path may find rejuvenation and new perspective. Mana Cards interweave Hawaiian images with interpretations designed to expand consciousness and can be used by individuals, couples and groups to improve communication and foster healthy ways of being and relating.

Catherine Becker PhD. is a professor of Communication at the University of Hawaii, Hilo. Through her experiences from living in Hawaii, she has become deeply connected to the natural and cultural worlds of the Islands. It is her belief that Hawaii has the ability to transform the lives of all that are touched by its beauty and power.

Doya Nardin illustrated the Mana Cards to depict the spiritual nature of Hawaii, to bring forth the spiritual nature of the viewer. Her published works include an illustrated MO: Tibetan Divination System from Snow Lion Press

Page Count 256 pages
7.75” x 5.25” x 1.25"
Catherine Becker
Illustrator Doya Nardin
Publish Date
June 2018

Radiance Network
Printed in USA


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