‘O lelo No‘eau

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‘O lelo No‘eau

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‘O lelo No‘eau Product Description:

This extraordinary collection of Hawaiian sayings collected, translated, and annotated by Mary Kawena Pukui offers a unique opportunity to savor the wisdom, poetic beauty, and earthy humor of these finely crafted expressions. The sayings may be appreciated individually and collectively for their aesthetic, historic, and educational values. They reveal ever deeper layers of meaning, giving understanding not only of Hawai‘i and its people but all of humanity. Since the sayings carry the immediacy of the spoken word, considered to be the highest form of cultural expression in old Hawai‘i, they bring us closer to the everyday thoughts and lives of the Hawaiians who created them. Taken together, the sayings offer a basis for an understanding of the essence and origins of traditional Hawaiian values. This book is the product of a collecting effort that was begun by Mrs. Pukui at about the age of fifteen, around 1910, and continued throughout her long and honored career as a translator and collector of historic Hawaiian materials and as a teacher and lecturer on the language, music, and dance of traditional Hawai‘i.

About the Author As one of Hawai‘i’s most prominent and well-loved Hawaiian scholars, Mary Kawena Pukui is attributed with a legacy evidenced in the immense collection of translations, audiorecordings, personal recollections, and compilations of works, place names, sayings, and stories of Hawai‘i that continue to inspire and educate to this day. for more than sixty years, she worked as a translator of Hawaiian language and informant on Hawaiian tradition, and has served as a source for research projects in anthropology, linguistics, the performing arts, and natural history. Keenly aware that traditional Hawaiian knowledge and language were disappearing, Mrs. Pukui contributed to many publications and programs aimed at the preservation of Hawaiian language and culture.

About the Illustrator Dietrich Varez was born in Berlin in 1939. and came to Hawai‘i in 1948. Self-taught as an artist, he began printmaking in 1963 and remains one of Hawai‘i’s most popular artists. Much of Dietrich’s work is on Hawaiian themes, often inspired by the secluded natural environment of his home in Volcano on the island of Hawai‘i.

Page Count 372 pages
11" x 8.5" x 1.5"
Mary Kawena Pukui
Illustrator Dietrich Varez
Publish Date
Reprinted 2018

Bishop Museum Press Printed in USA


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